Rights Chain participates in Blockchain Open Lab for Science, an initiative organised by the company JSB Solutions from Sesto Fiorentino (FI - Italy), where it gathered a team composed of developers, Blockchain experts, university researchers and private companies with a specific purpose: analysing the phenomenon surrounding the Blockchain technology and evaluating its applicability to the real world outside of cryptocurrencies through practical examples.

With regular workshops and events, Open Lab is open to all those who manifest an interest in that technology which has been so talked about in the past two years and which moved even the biggest vendors and system integrators from all over the world to develop new solutions.

Rights Chain brings along its own experience in Digital Asset registration and tracking using Blockchain technology applied to Copyright, Author’s Rights and Artworks.

We’re also Product Partner of Multichain, a company specialised in the realisation of a multi-use Blockchain engine.

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