Content is the most valuable element in almost any area. In any form, from blogs to photographs, from illustrations to web-design, quality content is what distinguishes one product from another.

Content theft is a phenomenon that occurs with an alarming impact: only by limiting ourselves to photographs, 64% of photographers reported having suffered image theft. Of these thefts 49% from social media users and blogs and 28% from companies.

In addition, the recent EU Copyright Directive will require that anyone who publishes content owns the rights to do so.

How to manage intellectual property and copyrighted material?

Digital data is volatile and difficult to track. They are exchanged with the most varied means:

  • E-mail or instant messenger
  • Cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Exchange platforms like WeTransfer

What data, how many and when are elements that are lost shortly after their exchange, remains a vague trace of who sent them.

Rights Chain in 2017 inaugurated its Copyright management platform dedicated to Authors and Authors of digital content. The contents managed by the platform include all image files (photographs, illustrations) and PDF documents and texts will also be introduced by the end of the year.

Among the main features of the Artists platform we find:

  • registration on the platform requires verification of the identity of each registered person
  • the data is stored in a Blockchain system adopted exclusively for the management of intellectual property

rcRights Management System

Rights Chain is pleased to present rcRMS, the intellectual property and copyright management system designed for the digital age, which extends the services of the Artists platform to the Business world.

rcRMS is designed for those companies that acquire and use content of high creative value. Through rcRMS it is possible:

  • manage collaborations with authors and authors who create content
  • organize contracts for the assignment of rights or licenses for use
  • organize projects in which one or more Authors or Authors can participate with an associated transfer agreement
  • manage the Content archive

The contents can be sent to the company directly through the platform, thus eliminating third-party tools and simplifying the passage of the contents themselves. At the same time the system allows:

  • guarantee the correct attribution of the author of the work
  • associate the contract of assignment or concession of the work
  • track exactly what content was sent and on what date
  • have a certificate of registration and attribution of rights available online
  • all for each single content

Access to the service

rcRMS is a cloud service accessible via the Internet without the need to install third-party software.

Within rcRMS it is possible:

  • manage the assignment or concession contracts
  • manage active collaborators for each project
  • manage projects involving the various collaborators
  • access the cloud archive for storing all the originals
  • view the registration certificates saved in the Blockchain archive

The Authors of the content uploaded through the Rights Chain platform have access, in their account to:

  • list of all the companies with which it collaborates
  • visibility of all the jobs loaded into the project
  • full and digitally signed copy of the contracts associated with the individual job
  • a list of files transferred in the single month for billing purposes*

*the rcRMS or rcArtists platforms do not include billing or mediation services for the purchase of content.

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