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Harmonising Cyber Security

Understanding the problem is the hardest task. Once you got a clear understanding, you can implement a simple solution.

Our Methodology

Assess your infrastructure, identify weaknesses, enforce your management strategies.



Continuously monitor the communications, prevent interference or access to malicious websites, protect your servers and web applications.



Limit, Control and Monitor your network, mitigate the risk weak devices may be exposed to, such as industrial or medical applications.



Should anything happen, prevent unwanted software from detonating on an endpoint and posing a threat to your entire network.



Resilient and Effective Backup strategies as the last resort of your Data Protection strategy

Simplify to Fortify

Simplify to Fortify

Would you rather prefer a complex unstable infrastructure, or one with solid foundations?

For years we've been observing businesses creating more and more intricate cybersecurity infrastructures with the idea that complex is more secure.

Complex infrastructures brings along:

  • large management efforts
  • long recovery times
  • increased costs
  • lower governance

Rights Chain keeps developing management and governance methodologies that simplifies infrastructures to provide SMBs more control, less spendings and increased security over their infrastructures.